Why Orci Marketing and Sign Spinner Advertising, LLC is Better Than The Competition.

July 7, 2014 Eddie Fernandes

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Why Orci Marketing and Sign Spinner Advertising, LLC is Better Than The Competition.

As business owners, marketing executives, and business development managers, we know that there are thousands of vendors vying for our business daily. Between managing employees, balancing a budget, and acquiring accounts, trying to choose the best advertising method can be overwhelming. However, it’s been proven time and time again that a Sign Spinner Campaign is one of the most cost-effective, low maintenance advertising strategies that provides one of the best returns on your investment.

So why is Orci Marketing and Sign Spinner Advertising your best option?

Our company was created with one goal in mind and that is to provide the most successful, cost-effective and efficient guerilla marketing campaigns in the Pacific Northwest. Unlike the local competition, our sign spinners go through a rigorous 3-day training program where they learn the art of sign spinning. During this time they learn dozens of acrobatic tricks, spins and improvisational moves that they use to entice passing motorists. They are then trained to freeze the signs so the promotional message can be read.

Again, unlike the local competition we are NOT a “fly by night company” working out of our home and training spinners on the job at the expense of the client. Instead, we operate out of our headquarters in Tacoma, Washington with offices and a warehouse facility where we train spinners, hold monthly practices & competitions, and produce and create our own high quality signs. Furthermore, we believe in providing outstanding results and we understand that in order to do this we must hire and retain quality talent. All of our professional sign spinners go through a thorough interview process and background check. To keep turnover low, we provide our spinners with a living wage, monthly bonus incentives and a promotions based on accountability and skill level. We also go beyond the state required L&I insurance and hold an insurance policy that covers our sign spinners, ourselves, and our clients for the specific nature of spinning signs on busy intersections.

We are much more than Creative Advertising, we are mixture of Street Performance and Brand promotion that provides high-octane entertainment and captivates motorist’s attention while simultaneously directing those consumers into your businesses. If you are thinking about implementing a sign spinner campaign into your business advertising efforts, please do not try to hire spinners yourself, as you will be disappointed with the outcome and will have wasted money, time and resources. Instead, we encourage you to check out our competition and ask questions like , “are you privately insured?”, and “do you have a training facility to hold your spinners accountable?” Then contact us here at Orci Marketing and Sign Spinner Advertising, LLC. You will not be disappointed, but rather enthralled that we provide a superior service that will help you increase your bottom line, sales!




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