WA State Marijuana Businesses Among Leading Clients in The Seattle Sign Spinner Industry!

September 12, 2016 The Spinjas

When Sign Spinner Ads took on our first client in 2013 (Gentle Dental), we had no idea that 3 years later almost 75% of our clients would be Marijuana Retail Stores. The base clientele for most Sign Spinner Companies around the nation (including our 3 other national locations), is made up of your usual furniture, mattress, real estate, and wireless businesses. But let’s be “blunt” (pun definitely intended), Sign Spinning for Pot Shops is way more fun for our employees to promote. The responses, from people yelling and cheering for our spinners, to tourists getting out of their vehicles to take pictures with the spinners and their “weed” signs, has proven that Sign Spinners for Recreational Marijuana shops is a Must-Have. Our Seattle Sign Spinners have advertised for over 60 different Pot Shops and we continue to have an ongoing relationship with the majority of these Retail Stores. So whether, you partake in the industry or not, if you see one of our guys on the streets, please give them a honk! They thrive off the positive feedback.


sign-spinners-seattle-tacoma-la-miami seattle-sign-spinners-sign-twirlers-tacoma seattle-sign-spinners-weedSign Spinners in Seattle Promote Snoop Dog Meet & Greet | signspinnerads.com seattle

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