GL Homes Sells Out Development by Advertising with Sign Spinner Ads

October 10, 2017 The Spinjas

When we get that call (or email) from a housing development client asking us to stop service, it’s usually an indication that the Development has sold out of Homes. Although it’s a bitter-sweet conversation, (the more effective we are, the less shifts we will have because the homes are all sold) we love proving to our client’s just how effective Sign Spinning is….and the client typically puts us on more of their developments.


Our Professional Sign Spinners have been thriving in the Naples and Fort Myers areas and just helped GL Homes sell out of their Marbella Isles development in Naples, Florida. Although Hurricane Irma put us out of commission for a couple weeks, the people of Southwest Florida are perseverant and our communities are starting to get back to “normal”.


Here is the testimonial from GL Homes…


“The sign spinners were great! We had a lot of traffic from them. We only have 1 house left to sell so we no longer need this service and we can cancel the sign spinners for Marbella Isles.”
                                                                          -Kendra from GL Homes