All employees will be required to Clock In and Clock Out on their assigned shifts through the TSheets Application. This procedure is to be followed by all employees. Failure to follow these instructions may result in a delayed paycheck.

The TSheets App will also allow you to keep track of how many hours you work.

Rules & Procedures:

-You Must Clock In and Clock Out at the SPECIFIC location where you are assigned to Spin. The TSheets Application uses GPS to track the location of where you are Clocking In and Clocking Out.

-You are allowed to Clock In up to 5 minutes early.

-If you are late, you still need to Clock In when you arrive to your location. You MUST also leave a note in the TSheets application as to why you were late.

-If you are working a 5+ hour shift, you MUST Clock Out for your 30 minute lunch and Clock In when you get back from lunch. (For example, if you work a 12-5pm shift you must…. Clock In at 12pm, Clock Out at 2:30pm for Lunch, Clock In at 3pm when you return from lunch and Clock Out at 5pm when you are done with your shift) 

-You do NOT need to Clock Out on Approved Breaks. (For example, if you work a 12-4pm shift, you do not need to clock out on your 15 min break at 2pm. If you work a 5 hour shift, you do not need to clock out on your two 5 minute breaks)


Instructions to Download Application

1. Go to the App Store on your mobile device and download TSheets logo-tcircle-onwhite-border

2. If Prompted, Allow the APP access to your “Location” Services

3. Log In – Your Username is the first letter of your first name and your last name. (For example, John Smith = jsmith)

4. Your default password will be given to you by your direct supervisor. Upon logging in, please change the password to something you will remember.


That’s it! You are all set to start keeping track of your time worked.